Performance Materials

The material of a sticker is extremely important to its application. According to different applications, SNsticker can use most suitable materials to customize your stickers. We want your brand to stand out and stick well.
The commonly stickers are coated paper stickers, matte printing paper stickers, craft paper stickers, Foil paper stickers, synthetic paper, PVC stickers, PET stickers, PE/PP stickers, BOPP stickers, clear stickers, hologram stickers, security stickers, heat-transfer stickers, vinyl stickers, and so on.
According to your application, you can choose permanent adhesive stickers, removable stickers, weatherproof stickers, sun-resistant stickers, reflective stickers, warranty stickers or void stickers, durable stickers, etc.
SNsticker also make removable stickers and durable stickers, in matte or glossy white vinyl finish. It is water and weather resistant for outdoor applications, and UV coated for added protection for things such as hand abrasion. The bubble-free material makes it very easy to apply. If there is ever a need to remove the sticker, they will remove with no guck or residue.
Coated paper stickers
Printing paper stickers
Synthetic Paper stickers
Special paper stickers
PET stickers
PVC stickers
Vinyl stickers
BOPP stickers
Aluminum foil stickers
Fluorescent paper stickers  
Reflective stickers
Friable paper stickers

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